About Southern Cross Care

Southern Cross Care: Better for life.

Southern Cross Care was created for people, not for profit. A man and two women are walking along a corridor that has the words 'Better for life' on the right. So, every decision we make is about how to create a better life for our residents, not make a better dividend for shareholders.

Since we were established in 1968, our services have evolved in response to the changing requirements of our communities.  Today, we're guided by our Compassion, Capable, Collaborative and Creative values, and our mission to support people to be Better for life.

There is a woman at the receptionist counter. Above her are the words 'Southern Cross Care"And should your health become an issue, which is something all of us should be conscious of as we age, it’s reassuring to know that residential care is provided at Southern Cross Care’s Oakfield Lodge Residential Care on an adjacent property.

Genuine, whole-of-life care: that’s the difference you’ll discover in a not-for-profit organisation like Southern Cross Care. Better for life.