Bring on the next chapter

Bring on the next chapter

Anne and Warren Hodge will be notching up 60 years of marriage on 16 December, and they can’t wait to enjoy many more years together in Oakfield Rise Retirement Estate.

The couple is moving into Stage 3 in 2022 and first met when Warren was working at the Adelaide City Council, interviewing Anne for a Stenographer position, and as Warren said “the rest is history.”

Later they both worked in the Education Department for many years, Warren as a secondary teacher and Anne support staff.

With friends in Stage 2, the couple feel confident they’ve made the right decision.

“Whenever we are here (Oakfield Rise), it always seems such a happy community,” Anne said.

“We haven’t heard of anyone who has regretted coming here and we’re really happy with the villa we have chosen.”

Another compelling factor was the wish to still be able to enjoy gardening, but on a smaller scale.

“Our previous homes at Aldgate (and later Nairne) were a lot of work, especially when returning from holidays, and we look forward to having a new lifestyle in safe, secure and relaxing surroundings, ”Warren said.

Anne said it’s a new adventure, and with the added security of Metricon building their home and the soon to be built a Community Centre bringing people together, it’s a bright future for the Hodges.