Champagne pops and concrete pours

Champagne pops and concrete pours

Just over 40 Oakfield Rise residents and Stage 3 depositors witnessed a milestone occasion with the pouring of the slab for the Oakfield Rise Community Centre.

Taking place on 19 October at 4.30am, they braved the cold to do it in style with coffee and toasted egg and bacon sandwiches.

Some residents were so excited they even popped a bottle of champagne to celebrate.

Everyone is looking forward to seeing this state of the art ‘gathering place’ come to life over the next 9 months.

Local concrete supplier, Direct Mix Concrete, locked away their two concrete mixing plants purely for this project, and the 1,200 square metres of concrete was poured in one continuous pour.

Here are a couple of mind-boggling numbers behind the amount of concrete used:

  • 380 cubic metres of concrete equivalent to 668,707 pints of beer
  • 620 tonnes of concretethe collective weight of 1,240 Grand Pianos