Keep on caravanning

Keep on caravanning

Jim and Barbara Crouch say locking up and leaving for a caravanning holiday is as easy as ABC when you live at Oakfield Rise Retirement Estate.

The couple who live in Villa 3 went for a short holiday at their permanent caravan in Victor Harbor in mid October, and loved how they can continue to go caravanning since moving into Oakfield Rise.

“You feel more secure when you leave here because if something goes wrong there are people around to help,” Jim said.

“Say if something went wrong in the house, the management have a key and they can fix it up – it’s peace of mind.”

Barbara said another bonus was that their automatic gardening system would keep their back yard well maintained while they’re on holiday.

Along with their permanent caravan at Victor Harbor, they have another they use for trips to other destinations around Australia.

“Here we’re a lot closer to the people than our old place. We know that if they see something wrong they’ll call maintenance to make sure they check it out,” Barbara said.

The couple have been caravanning for almost 50 years, and have gone to picture perfect spots such as the Cape York Peninsula in Northern Queensland and The Kimberleys in Northern Western Australia.

Jim said there’s more on the list, and he and Barbara are very happy to keep caravanning.

“I’ve been asked in the last month by about three people, how long can you keep caravanning, and I said I don’t know but I will know when it’s time to give it up,” Jim said.

“And I know other people who have stopped when they were 70, but I want to keep going as long as I can.”

“...And moving here (Oakfield Rise) was one of he best things we ever did, we wanted to do it while we could and still enjoy what we enjoy doing together.”