Rising to new challenges

Rising to new challenges

These temporary restrictions and isolation measures are certainly challenging, however the good news is that when you’re living in a retirement community like Oakfield Rise, you’re really not alone.

This vibrant community of like minded retirees understands the importance of social interaction during these tough times.

While we currently may not be able to gather in large groups and enjoy activities, it is reassuring to know that good old fashioned chats over the fence and across the beautiful front yards are keeping us connected.

When you are at home and wanting your privacy, it’s comforting to know that your new fully detached home at Oakfield Rise has its own private rear yard.

Here, you can spend time nurturing your courtyard garden or veggie patch or just relax with a good book and enjoy a cuppa in the fresh country air.

It’s also important to keep as healthy and active as you can. With the wonderful walking paths at your door step, you can enjoy a leisurely stroll around the neighbourhood.