The right move

The right move

Carmel Flint has only lived in Oakfield Rise since last October but says the warm and supporting community has been wonderful since day one.

She moved into Villa 27 in order to be closer to her late husband, Joe, who was at the time in nearby Oakfield Lodge Residential Care, and is forever grateful for the help she received.

“I didn’t know my neighbours when I moved in, but they have always been there from the first day,” Carmel said.

“It’s really nice of them, and there are lots of other people here who are really trying to make it a village where we look out and care for one another.”

Carmel catches up with her neighbours regularly for coffee and tea, and says she also enjoys walks with them too.

However, she said one of the best highlights is catching the weekly Friday bus to the Carmelite Health & Wellness Centre in Myrtle Bank.

“Because I can’t drive, I asked the Village Manager, Kathy, if we could organise a bus ride to Carmelite.” Carmel said.

“I asked around and before you knew it we had several of us sign up and go every week, we just really enjoy it.”

She used to go 2-3 times per week when she lived in Myrtle Bank and said the Health & Wellness Centre is a great way to maintain her fitness and socialisation.