The wait is over

The wait is over

Oakfield Rise Retirement Estate reached another milestone on 30 October, with the handover of Stage 2 from builders, Buildtec Group, to Southern Cross Care.

It involved the construction of new streetscape and 23 villas that ranged from 2 to 3 bedrooms, all of which have personalised facades. New resident Anne Roberts, said she’s ‘quite excited’ about her new home.

“It’s a lovely place. I like that it’s warm and airy, and that they all have their own bit of individuality,” Anne said.

“So I can’t wait to put all my new things that I’ve bought like furniture into place and make it my own.”

Anne made the decision to move to Oakfield Rise by herself as her husband Peter lives in a Residential Care home in Strathalbyn.

She feels pride in herself for making the decision, and that the move to Oakfield Rise would give her great comfort knowing she’s close to Peter.

Southern Cross Care employees were very helpful throughout her enquiry, and that she’s looking forward to meeting her new neighbours.

“There’s never been anything too hard to talk about, and that’s been very pleasing,”

“And it’s good to know I can make one call for help, while having the safety and security of being in a community like this.”